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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are a few frequently asked questions:

  1. Q. Once I start treatment, do I have to keep on going ?

    A. The answer is no but it all depends on your personal health goals. Every patient is responsible for their own health, not the doctor. It is the doctor’s responsibility to recommend, in his experience, a treatment plan that will get you better the quickest. Once you have reached maximal benefit, you have to ask yourself if your body is well enough to maintain the progress on your own. Sometimes patients require a periodic check up to keep them in alignment.

  2. Q. Why do I seemingly make small movements and end up with severe pain as if something snapped in my back?

    A. This is called a lumbar facet syndrome and it was building up over time. When you made that one quick movement picking up your child, or when you sneezed or coughed, you ripped tissue around the facet joint sending you off into an acute inflammatory pain syndrome, which is very painful. Your one final movement was “the straw that broke the camel’s back”.

  3. Q. Why do I have to return 3-4 times per week at the beginning?

    A. The optimum therapy plan consists of a higher frequency of treatment. Traditional pharmacological treatments like Advil and other NSAIDS are applied every few 6-8 hours to get ahead of the swelling. Dr. Gabriel would like to treat every day but this is not feasible for most patients. To get ahead of the swelling and pain frequent treatment is necessary. The quicker the swelling goes down, the quicker the healing process begins. As soon as you show 50% improvement, care is withdrawn to assess stability of the condition. Some conditions may not require more than 1-2 visits per week.

  4. Q. How do orthotics help my back pain?

    A. Orthotics support the arches of the feet so you do not excessively roll your feet inward. Dr. Gabriel fits his patients with a special insert that can make a remarkable difference in your inward rotation of your feet. Evidence of this is flat feet and excessive wear on the outside heel of your shoes. Orthotics are inexpensive and easily fitted in one day.A


Dr. Ken is a fantastic chiropractor and his staff is first class. He listens to the patient and explains everything in detail to the patient before he does anything.. I highly recommend this establishment
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